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Surya Giving CRISP training to Medha!


Transferring Knowledge from a PhD to a Masters.


Masters and PhD students post Lockdown!


Medha, Saradindu, Namrata and Archit. Hope you had a good time in our lab for your masters thesis!


Beginners luck with Western


Passing on the Western trick!!

Dastidar Lab Manipal.jpg

New Students Join the Lab


Shri, Sindhu and Surya join the Dastidar lab. They wish to pursue age related disorder, infectious disease biology and preclinical trials!


Research Collaboration Established for Sarcopenia


We are trying to form a team of physicians, physician scientists, basic and applied biologist to address Sarcopenia which is a age related disorder. For a country like India Sarcopenia is going to posit extraordinary challenges in the next 2-3 decades!


Duke Super Stars!


From left: Anjali, SGD, Elle, Huvon, Deaja (Dee), Michael, Thomas and Barbara. Wannabe MD's and PhD. It was great working with you all!! Wish you the very best.

La Spada laboratory.png

Dastidar in Al's lab at UCSD


Asst. Professor, Senior scientists, Postdocs, PhD and 2 UG's from the La Spada Laboratory! Aging and Age related neurodegenerative disorders

Sandiego stars.png

Somasish with his under Graduate and Graduate Students at the La Spada laboratory


From left: Chris Lee, Rateb Mir, Sarah Jordan, Senada Bashi, Nathan Arboleda, Matthew Mitchell, Angela Chang. These were my San Diego Superstars! Your outstanding contribution to science will always be appreciated. Wish you all the best.

Matthew's Master's thesis defence after

Matthew Defends his thesis at UCSD!


Congratulations Matthew. You got one paper already in ALS one more on the way. Enjoy Research.

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